So You Wanna Be A Freelancer?

I am still pretty new to Freelancing and have only just figured out what to do. I have been using a Freelance job website/app and I put bids in on jobs I have skills to do. I got a bid accepted and completed the job and a day later I got the best email ever and the subject line You’ve been paid! OMG!  Woot! This was my first ever payment for being an official Freelancer. I felt so special getting a second email congratulating me on finishing a job and being paid.
This is the part of the emails I received that made me the happiest.

What is a Freelancer?

A Freelancer is someone who is basically their own boss. They are motivated and organized enough to do different jobs that they have the skills to perform and stay on task and finish when the person requesting it needs it done. There are different platforms for finding these jobs and the best part is it can all be done from home!

So you probably wanna be a Freelancer too, right?

I’m going to help you out and give you a bit of advice that I have learned over the past few months that I have been figuring this whole thing out. These links and secrets I’m going to share are the ones I have found most helpful and the ones you can do and actually get paid from.


This is the one I have gotten my first offical Freelance job and payment from. You can either use their website or their app. Use this one with common sense. If you feel like the offers or jobs are fishy, don’t accept them or even talk to the person. You don’t want to get burned, especially when you are first starting out!

Click Here>>>Freelancer

For those of you just starting out and getting the feel for doing odd jobs and honing your skills that you can market this next one is really easy. All you need is an Amazon account that is in good standing and you are set. You have to make an Amazon Payments account to get your earnings in cash. Once you transfer earnings you can either use them on or you can transfer to a linked bank account to get cash.

Click Here>>>Amazon Mturk

This is a work from home job that requires a specific size computer monitor, a headset and a quiet environment for a set number of hours a day. Only certain states qualify for this one and they don’t always have openings so keep checking back if you really are interested!

Click Here>>>Amazon Work From Home

This is a website that has a lot of jobs that can be done remotely. When you search for jobs use the keywords remote or work from home to find them. Again approach with caution and don’t fall for everything offered.

Click Here>>>Indeed 

If you have a car and meet certain requirements you can be your own boss with Uber or Lyft. You can make good money if you watch for surges in ride requests and you can get there and get the ride. You are essentially your own boss with this and can set your own hours and make good money if you do it regularly. If you want you can sign up for both apps and have the ability to get more rides and make more money.

Click Here>>>Uber

Click Here>>>Lyft

These are the first few secrets I’m going to share with you lovely readers so tune in next time for some more tips and tricks that I know! Subscribe to email updates or follow me on Facebook so you don’t miss a post! ❤


**This Post may contain Affiliate links. Please read my Disclosure page for more information.**


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