Let’s Make Money On eBay!

So let’s continue with the topic of selling on eBay. Last week I told you about drop shipping and selling things for other people and earning a commission for listing it and I mentioned selling some of my own stuff on eBay. This week I am going to tell you how I have my own inventory to sell and how I get it for stupid cheap prices. ūüėČ

ebay logo

Depending on what you are willing to sell you can find deals and items all over online. I chose to go with body jewelry because I have an interest in it and it’s small enough to not take up too much room until I sell it. There is also a very high demand these days for body jewelry because almost everyone has a piercing of some kind. The ones I chose are nose studs and hoops, belly rings, and tongue rings. These are some of the most common piercings and people are always looking for a good deal to buy these, I¬†know I have gotten so many of my own off eBay.

So while browsing on the Wish app I ran across a lot of listings that are free and you just pay shipping which is usually between $1- $3. Score! The really good part is you get a lot in your order like 30-60 in each package. I bought 2 or 3 of each package and wound up spending $20!!! I was so excited when I saw my total because I have so much body jewelry coming in the mail and I barely paid anything for it. I used some of my commission from drop shipping to buy these so I am investing part of what I earn from other things into this adventure.

Now listing these is different than normal eBay listing. You have to use the advanced listing tool to list these as a lot which just means that you have more than 1 of them to sell. This way of listing looks complicated when you first look at it but I promise it is really easy to do it.

Log into your eBay account and go to Sell. eBay SellFollow these 10 easy steps to list your items and start making a profit from home!

  1.  Click on Advanced Tool in the upper right hand corner of the screen. When asked to switch or stay, click on switch. eBay advanced selling tool
  2. Enter your item title in the box. You will be given the choice of entering your own categories or using one of the already made ones. I recommend using one of the suggestions that best describes your item in the most detail.
  3. You need to change the condition to New without Tags and describe the condition as Brand new, never worn items without tags.
  4. Add photos, use at least 3 from different angles, show all different options you have available (once you get your items). Take clear pictures with the items in focus and easy to see.
  5. Fill out the type, body part or whatever your items are for. Use Unlisted brand, Multi-color, material and whatever else you know about your item.
  6. Go to the description and describe with the most detail what you have. Use all the same details you used above and whatever else there wasn’t a space for. If you can create HTML codes you can choose to do this for copy and pasting when you relist after you sell your first inventory full.
  7. Choose Auction style or But it Now, depending on your preference, I like using Buy it Now on body jewelry.
  8. I list them as a few for a couple bucks and fill out how many you have in total. There is a check box for marking this as a lot.
  9. Fill out your PayPal information and choose require immediate payment and choose your shipping preference. I chose to use free shipping on mine to attract more buyers.
  10. Now you are finished and you can preview your listing and your listing fees which should be 0. You are now finished with your advanced eBay listing!


Now once you have your items all listed and live on the site all you have to do is monitor your account for messages or orders and make sure you follow what you said on your handling time so you don’t have an unhappy customer and get bad feedback from them.

I hope you are able to find a niche for yourself and get in a good groove of listing, shipping and selling to be able to make a good profit. Your profit depends on the prices you choose and how many you will send to each customer. Everything is all up to you! Stay consistent and stay persistent and you will be able to have your accounts filled up in no time! I’ll see you guys next week for some more work from home adventures!




*** This page contains Affiliate links. Please see my Disclosure Policy for more information.


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