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Secrets of a Freebie Queen

Who likes free stuff? I love free stuff! If it’s free, it is so for me. I have found a few different websites that actually will send you free stuff and a lot of it is full sized and not a dinky little sample that you run out of halfway through using it. With these free products you have to meet a certain criteria that companies are looking for and then you have a list of tasks to complete usually, in exchange for receiving their product for free.

Sometimes I end up getting so much free stuff in the mail I think my mail person is going to quit so they don’t have to carry so many packages anymore. Sometimes the samples are ones you can request and others are ones that are a surprise and sent to you because they think you fit their demographic. The more things you fill out on these websites when available, the more likely you are going to get picked to try and review a product.


Let’s get into this list of websites that actually send you free stuff.

  1. Influenster. With this website you can talk to other users and review products or ask questions about something you haven’t used and earn badges that make you more likely to get a VoxBox. These are awesome boxes full of mostly full sized samples and you answer surveys, review the products and post about them on social media. They have an app and a website and something require you to have both to complete different tasks. You don’t get to pick what comes in these boxes but you can choose to opt in or out based on the survey answers you give in the invitation. About a week before you get your box they will show you in videos what will be in each one so it’s only a surprise for a little while.
  2. Bzz Agent. This one has you answer surveys and they will choose you based on your profile information whether you qualify for a free product to receive and review. They will send you an email that you fill out and if they choose you they email you letting you know you are in and when you should be expecting the package in the mail. I got my first review item from them last week and it came within 2 days of getting the shipping email.
  3. Crowdtap. This is a great website to make your opinion heard on as well as try products for free in exchange for a review. They have all the top brands and restaurants on there and you answer a few surveys and complete a few missions and then they have different products they will have you submit an application to receive and review something for them.
  4. Pinch Me. This company sends out an email and you log in on the first Tuesday of the month and claim which samples you want to get. You get them in the mail and try them out and then complete surveys giving your opinion and asking if you have used it before. Sometimes the samples they have are not so great and sometimes they all get claimed before you log in so you have to set reminders if you wanna get in on the good stuff here.
  5. Viewpoints Sampling. This one is amazing. They send you an application to submit to be chosen to review different products. If your answers match what they are looking for and you are willing to write a review that they make public then they give you some really amazing things for absolutely free! My very first one I was chosen for a week after I signed up and I got an InStyler curling iron that hadn’t even been released on the market yet. That sucker was worth $95 retail and I paid nothing!

These are the few favorites that I am always using. Of course there are plenty of others out there that you can sign up for that are legit and send you good stuff but I don’t want to bore you with too many to go through at once! I’ll save the rest for a future post so check back or subscribe to see what sites I share next.


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