Surveys that pay

This week I want to tell you about my favorite thing to do to make money from home!! I get paid in gift cards and cash for taking surveys. I know there are a lot of websites all over the internet talking about they will pay you if you answer surveys and then they take you to endless questions and try making you complete offers where you have to pay them. I’ve had my fair share of wasting my time on these websites and I have learned and found some really great sites.

I can’t tell you how many survey sites I am signed up to. However, I don’t participate in every site that I’m signed up with when it comes to surveys. Sometimes they just don’t give you enough points, cents, dollars or whatever the incentive is for the time it takes to answer the questions. I’ve found some where it would take you all year to rack up enough points or whatever to redeem for a prize. Lucky for you I have done all the hard work for you and I have searched and tested different sites and found the ones that actually pay and that are actually worth your time doing.


Some of these websites give you a referral link to invite your friends and they offer extra points or a little cash in your account when someone signs up and completes surveys. Some of the links you will be clicking on are my referral links so I may get a reward for referring you to them.

  1. Survey Savvy
  2. Crowdtap
  3. i-say Ipsos
  4. BzzAgent
  5. Swagbucks
  6. QuickThoughts
  7. Harris Poll Online

That’s all for this week. Some of these sites may stop taking members so make sure you pay attention to the page when you go to it! I hope you have fun and enjoy all your money making surveys and you get selected for some awesome trials and find new products that you never would have thought to try. See you in next week’s adventures!



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