Affiliate Marketing For Dummies

This week’s adventure requires more work than normal but the payout is wayyyyy more than normal so it is kinda worth it if you get the leads you need. Affiliate marketing is a new way to earn money while promoting your favorite brands or websites. I have so many affiliate links it would make your head spin. You might even notice them all over my website and in each of my blog posts!

So what the hell is affiliate marketing? you ask. When you look up the definition it will tell you this:

affiliate marketing

In Layman’s terms it is basically sharing a link for something you like and don’t mind promoting and if anyone clicks this link and buys the product or service then you make a commission for referring them to use it! It is so easy and doesn’t take too much effort if you learn the right ways to do things. You can put more work into these things and certain websites will walk you through it, but I am only giving the Cliff’s notes version and simplifying it for you.

If you have a blog or a website like I do then affiliate marketing is for you. If you have a lot of social media followers it could work in your favor also. There are different ways to be an affiliate marketer. There are pre-made graphics and links to post or send to people or you can have a banner or square advertisement on your website. If you look at the different blog posts and pages on my website you will see a lot of examples of affiliate marketing and the only thing I have done to use these graphics and links is apply and then copy and paste once I’m approved to participate in their program.

I will be uploading videos where I walk you through step by step on how to use these graphics and links to earn you some extra money! Make sure you are subscribed to my YouTube channel to see them and get notified of all new uploads.

Example of an affiliate marketing link is below!

*Please note this site may contain affiliate links. For more information see the Disclosure page. 


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