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Secrets of a Freebie Queen

Who likes free stuff? I love free stuff! If it’s free, it is so for me. I have found a few different websites that actually will send you free stuff and a lot of it is full sized and not a dinky little sample that you run out of halfway through using it. With these free products you have to meet a certain criteria that companies are looking for and then you have a list of tasks to complete usually, in exchange for receiving their product for free.

Sometimes I end up getting so much free stuff in the mail I think my mail person is going to quit so they don’t have to carry so many packages anymore. Sometimes the samples are ones you can request and others are ones that are a surprise and sent to you because they think you fit their demographic. The more things you fill out on these websites when available, the more likely you are going to get picked to try and review a product.


Let’s get into this list of websites that actually send you free stuff.

  1. Influenster. With this website you can talk to other users and review products or ask questions about something you haven’t used and earn badges that make you more likely to get a VoxBox. These are awesome boxes full of mostly full sized samples and you answer surveys, review the products and post about them on social media. They have an app and a website and something require you to have both to complete different tasks. You don’t get to pick what comes in these boxes but you can choose to opt in or out based on the survey answers you give in the invitation. About a week before you get your box they will show you in videos what will be in each one so it’s only a surprise for a little while.
  2. Bzz Agent. This one has you answer surveys and they will choose you based on your profile information whether you qualify for a free product to receive and review. They will send you an email that you fill out and if they choose you they email you letting you know you are in and when you should be expecting the package in the mail. I got my first review item from them last week and it came within 2 days of getting the shipping email.
  3. Crowdtap. This is a great website to make your opinion heard on as well as try products for free in exchange for a review. They have all the top brands and restaurants on there and you answer a few surveys and complete a few missions and then they have different products they will have you submit an application to receive and review something for them.
  4. Pinch Me. This company sends out an email and you log in on the first Tuesday of the month and claim which samples you want to get. You get them in the mail and try them out and then complete surveys giving your opinion and asking if you have used it before. Sometimes the samples they have are not so great and sometimes they all get claimed before you log in so you have to set reminders if you wanna get in on the good stuff here.
  5. Viewpoints Sampling. This one is amazing. They send you an application to submit to be chosen to review different products. If your answers match what they are looking for and you are willing to write a review that they make public then they give you some really amazing things for absolutely free! My very first one I was chosen for a week after I signed up and I got an InStyler curling iron that hadn’t even been released on the market yet. That sucker was worth $95 retail and I paid nothing!

These are the few favorites that I am always using. Of course there are plenty of others out there that you can sign up for that are legit and send you good stuff but I don’t want to bore you with too many to go through at once! I’ll save the rest for a future post so check back or subscribe to see what sites I share next.

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Adventures In Drop Shipping

This week’s adventure started with one of the websites I told you about last week. I signed up for and started filling out all my skills and went through looking at different jobs I could put bids on to try to get the job awarded to me and make some money. I didn’t even know this was something you could legitimately do and make money off of until I found it and I am so glad I did. You know that lady in The 40 Year Old Virgin? I have her job! I literally sell your shit (and some of mine) on eBay. The only thing required for this freelancing gig is an eBay account in good standing (usually with 90% or above in feedback), basic data entry skills (usually just copy and paste), eBay selling knowledge, and spreadsheet making skills.

I was contacted through the Freelancer website and offered a job of being a drop shipper after adding eBay knowledge to my skill set. Drop shipping basically is you sell the item and make a commission off it and the other person actually has the item and ships it to the customer. It is basically a data entry job and it’s so easy that my kids could even do it!

After I get the information from the item owner I enter it all in on eBay and list it in my store. Once the person buys it I get in contact with the item owner and give them shipping information and wait for the tracking number. After I have shipment confirmed I enter all the tracking information into eBay and the customer gets an update and can keep an eye on their item. Once the item is received you deduct fees and commission out of the total and send the rest to the item owner. I also write out sales report breakdowns for this person but you may not have to do that with all of them, you will work out all the details and payment amount with the person you end up working with.

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The beauty of being a drop shipper is you don’t have to do much work and you can still make a decent amount on commission depending on the item sold and how much the customer paid for it. You can also work with more than one person. The issue with this is you have to be extremely organized and keep track of everything to make sure you send the right information to the right person and you know what money goes to whom. As long as you can keep it straight you can sell things for as many people that want you to.

Some people will want you to sell multiple items at once and others will only give you a set number per day, week, or month. Some people may not like this as a job because you don’t make big bucks on every sale. It is a business of quantity and the more items you are able to list and the more expensive the item is, the more money you make. Before you start you may want to learn as much as you can about eBay and selling on their platform. There are rules and policies you have to follow and if you don’t your account will be suspended and you won’t be allowed to sell or even buy on eBay for the rest of your life! There are ways around this but if they catch you they will just suspend the other accounts too so it isn’t worth the risk and paranoia of getting caught and losing everything!

****For the guidelines to getting started on selling with eBay click here >>> New Seller Requirements

****Sign up to be a Freelancer and start bidding on jobs here >>> Freelancer


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Welcome to my Adventures!

Hey, hi and hello beautiful people and welcome to my blog! I am going to chronicle all the adventures I have with my family, being a freelance work at home mom, and I’ll share my secrets on how to get free gift cards and how to make money doing surveys with you.

Let’s start with introductions. My name is Sarah, otherwise known as GlitterBug, and if you can’t tell by the name I have an obsession with glitter and all things sparkly! I am also obsessed with my 4 kiddos. They are assholes drive me absolutely insane but that’s what having kids is for, right? We like to play Minecraft together and make silly YouTube videos sometimes and they are the reason I do everything I do.

Everything started when I got my tubes tied (that’s a story for a different day) and I decided I wanted to go get a job and make some money. I applied to all kinds of places that I thought I had enough knowledge and motivation to be a great employee at, but I was turned down by every. single. one….. The reason? I didn’t have enough work experience. UGH! I had a few jobs as a teenager/young adult and I had been a homemaker/stay at home mom for 8 years, but even that wasn’t considered enough experience for anybody. After awhile I gave up on the notion that I would get a job when an awesome opportunity fell into my lap.


I was researching things for grief over losing my son and found a page where you could customize nail wraps for your angel babies. I ended up hosting a few online parties and then my new friend/consultant mentioned that she thought I would be a great consultant myself and I should sign up and sell the nail wraps too. This is where my work from home journey really started. I ended up signing up to start my own at home business and started doing online parties and making some sales. I had finally found something that made me feel like I was doing something productive. Fast forward to a year later and I didn’t make enough to hit the yearly quota. This was okay because by that point I was drifting away from nail wraps and my makeup obsession was beginning.


I signed up with a different direct sales company to sell makeup before my nail wrap consultant account expired and started to focus on that. GlitterBug makeup was born! Around this same time I discovered a few of the websites I now use to make my money from home. I was focusing time everyday to do surveys and different tasks for a little money or gift cards and was chosen to receive free products in exchange for reviewing them online. I scoured the internet to find ways to do this easily and now a year later I have a few that work for me.

Now it’s finally time to share my secrets with everyone! I’m hoping these secrets and tips will help someone else who was struggling the way I was. Subscribe to this blog or follow me on social media to get updates of when I post something new. I hope you all enjoy what I have to share and you will keep coming back for more! ♥

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